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Listen and Obey!  

It was springtime and I was anxious to get to the fields. The disc was hooked to the tractor and I had revved up the engine to start out of the yard. My foot was still on the clutch when I heard the word "STOP"!  I didn't move.  Looking down, I saw my 2 year old son standing between the tractor and the disc. Had I not heard God's voice and obeyed, I would have run over my own son!  

God is our protection!

Take a Green Leaf! We were presenting our work in Burlington, IA when I heard God say, "Someone here needs healing in their ear. Tell them: Go home, get a green leaf, roll it up, and put it in your ear,and you will be healed!"  I was astounded and reluctant to speak it out. To complicate things more, the Pastor had just announced that the church would begin to support us on a monthly basis.  This "Word" seemed very out of line!  But finally, I said "OK Lord!" and announced how they could have their ear(s) healed.  (BTW did I mention  that many deaf people were in the service receiving sign language translation!)  

That night, we had a second service.  What a relief, when a lady came through the door, literally praising God! She said she did exactly as God had said, sticking a leaf in both ears! For over 6 months, she had suffered an unrelenting ear infection; but in a single day, God healed her! That church has continued to support us to this day! 

God is our healer!


Pull Out Your Pockets!

During another church service in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, God spoke that someone was trying to get pregnant, but had been unsucessful for many years. As the couple came up for prayer.  God said, "Ask the husband to empty out his pockets and pull out the linings.  This is to symbolize that he has nothing to offer!"  Roberto did as asked, even though it looked quite rediculous in front of so many people!  Within a few months, his wife became pregnant and birthed a healthy baby boy.  

Meet Jacob!  

God is a Miracle Worker!

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