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God is so faithful in guiding every step during our visit to Nigeria in 2015 and 2017.  We traveled through Lagos, Owode of Ogun State, Kogi State and Abuja, the capital city; visited and ministered in remote villages, to local communities, and in the city. And we met and prayed with the first Christian king of Nigeria. Regrettably our partner Pastor John Adejoh went home with the Lord in August 2018.  However, the groundwork was established and...


The work continues through Pastor John Peter (affectionately called Big John).  Will Go continues to minister in orphanages, schools, remote villages, and to groups of widows, hospital patients, and most recently - in prisons.  Pray with us that the message of Jesus' saving grace will continue to touch hearts and lives.

Completed and On-going Projects

  • Medical School Education for Blessing, Pastor John's niece

  • Micro-Enterprise Cooperation Set up 

  • Humanitarian helps for widows and orphans

  • Youth Beach Camp 

  • Children Christmas Outreach 

  • "Praying for Leaders" booklet for outreach

  • Support for remote village outreaches

We appreciate your prayer on the extension of His work in Nigeria.

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